WPEngine Coupons 2016

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WP Engine is one of the top rated webhosting providers for WordPress sites. They rate a whopping 5/5 stars based on the services and features that they offer. Some of the main features include;

WPEngine Coupon


Records show that WP Engine provides more than 800 hours of professional support within a day, for 7 days a week. This goes a long way in giving confidence and comfort to customers, knowing that you can access help on any issue related to your site at any time of the day.


WP Engine keeps adding new features that redefine the boundaries set by WordPress technology. You can always expect more from them, to make your experience awesome.


WP Engine uses the latest technology that there is in the current market. It has an amazing architecture with systems that are highly redundant in order to ensure that your WordPress site is secure, scalable and fast. This will help you to thrive when hit with high traffic demands, markets that change frequently and conditions that cannot be foreseen.

WP Engine offers 5 different plans that you can choose from depending on your needs and requirements. These plans are;
Personal: this is suitable for anyone looking to run a single site. It offers only one install and more than 25,000 visits per month. Data transfer is unlimited and supports up to 10 GB of local storage. The plan comes at a cost of $29 per month.

Professional: this is more suitable for managing a number of small sites or a single site that has high and steady traffic. You get up to 10 installs with this plan and 100,000 visits per month. The local storage size allocated for this plan is 20 GB with unlimited data transfer. It costs $99 per month.

Business: this plan offers higher install limits and traffic, giving you access to GeoIP and other cutting edge technology. You get up to 25 installations, 400,000 visitors per month, unlimited dada transfer and local storage of 30 GB. This package is priced at $249 per month.

Premium: suitable for large businesses and brands that are growing. You get up to 150 installs, 1 million + visits per month, no limit to data transfer and local storage of 100-300 GB.
Enterprise Grade: this clustered solutions have multiple servers with cutting-edge technology employed for load balancing to offer ultimate reliability, security and scalability. It offers 150 installs, 400GB-1TB, over 5 million visits per month and unlimited data transfer.

Advantages of WP Engine
· You get very competitive prices in relation to the high quality services that they offer.
· User friendliness: the interface is quite impressive and easy to use, with additional tutorial material offered at no extra cost.
· You can access 24/7 customer support service.
· You won’t have to install and/or update WordPress. WP Engine does all these tedious tasks for you
· They perform security scans of your site on a regular basis, ensuring that it remains online and secure.
· Backups are taken on a daily basis and availed to you whenever you need them
· They have a caching system that greatly improves the speed of your website.

WP Engine are by far the best in the industry and are worth a try, that is, if you aren’t enjoying their services already.

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