Best 5 Soil Testing Kits

Are you thinking of making that large strip of soil in your home into a productive garden? Well, before you begin tilling the land and planting vegetables or flowers, you should first consider testing the vitality of soil on that land strip. Testing the soil on your property is an integral basic step in landscaping and harvesting. However, it is one of the steps that we conveniently ignore or disregard. Different soil composition and texture are only suitable for a specific plant or crop types. The pH level, organic matter content, capacity for the soil to sustain different nutrients and moisture will vary from one land to another and from one location to another. Therefore, without correct soil testing, it will be difficult to know its values, content and components, and what is the most suitable crop to plant plus what are the most appropriate inputs to add to the soil and boost its vitality.

Soil Testing

When buying a soil testing kit, there are several key things to consider:

– Soil type:
The type of soil on your piece of land is crucial as you buy a soil testing kit. Different soil types have different texture, nutrients content, and moisture level:

– What are you testing:
The specific soil content or nutrient being tested is also a key factor to consider when buying a testing kit. Manufacturers of soil testing kits are currently designing kits that are content specific.

– Crops to plant:
Different plant types require different nutrients, contents, and vitality in soil. Knowing what your plants need will inform you on which kit to buy that will check these specific components.

Soil testing should not be a complicated task that requires soil being sent to private or public laboratories. You can do it right at your land and get accurate results almost immediately.

Even though there are many soil testing kits available, these are the five best soil testing kits available on Amazon.

1. Whitetail-Institute Laboratory Soil-Test Kit.

This is one of the highly reviewed and rated soil testing kit that guarantees better food plot yield. A complete package of this kit includes easy to use tools that save you money and unnecessary use of fertilizers and lime. Other added benefits include professional consultation services and a comprehensive soil test report that are submitted within a week.

2. Mooncity Three-in-One Soil-Moisture, pH/Acidity, and Light Meter.

If you are concerned about the soil light, acidity, moisture, or pH level, then this is the perfect testing kit for you. A great companion for landscapers which gives accurate results about the moisture content of the soil and when to water it, on how much pH level need controlled besides indicating whether your plants have enough light or not. This device does not need batteries and is used to test both indoors and outdoors soils.

3. Luster-Leaf 1662 Professional Soil Testing Kit.

Packed in a sturdy plastic box that contains testing equipment and reagents, this kit can conduct up to 40 tests. This kit provides ten accurate and fast tests for soil Potash, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and pH levels. It also has a comprehensive booklet with instructions on how to use the soil testing kit. This is one of the kits that customers agree there is value for money used to purchase it.

4. Luster-Leaf 1601 Rapitest Soil-Test Kit.

This kit contains four vials of distinct color comparators for Potash, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and pH that offer an in-depth understanding of what is in the soil. With a color comparator process allows you to evaluate the vitality of your soil using a color coded chart. It also provides suggestions on more than 400 plants. Allowing you to conduct 40 tests efficiently and within budget, this kit is popular with most customers.

5. Environment Concepts-pH7 Soil PH Meter.
Allowing you to get the correct pH level in your soil, this dual-probe soil-pH meter is easy to use and read. The two probes attached to the measuring system are inserted deeply into the soil and return a reading on the scale plate. It also contains an instruction booklet and testing protocols that guide you through the soil-testing procedure.