Hostgator Coupons January 2017

Hostgator Coupons January 2017 – use these coupons to save 75%+ in the upcoming month of January 2017 on any of the leading hostgator webhosting plans.

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One of the toughest challenges of being a website owner is finding a reliable, easy-to-use webhost. Having a bad host can basically ruin your site and prevent you from finding your target audience, so it’s critical to find a good webhost. In this review, we’ll discuss the benefits of Hostgator webhosting plans.

Hostgator Plan Offerings

Hostgator offers their cheapest plan, the shared package, at $3.48 with the coupon code. In addition, Hostgator has launched a WordPress specific plan starting at $5.21 per month. There is also a VPS plan for $19.95 per month and a dedicated plan, for those running a business or numerous server setups that need more power. This plan runs at $105 per month. Hostgator gets bonus points for their shared webhosting packages, which give small or medium business plenty of room to add more subdomains and grow their web audience. The hatchling plan is another good option, offering unlimited disk space and databases, as well as email addresses and third party applications (like CMS and e-commerce). The business plan also offers a few more bells and whistles for those running a service, such as a toll free phone number and private SSL certificate, which increases user trust.

The Ability to Create Beautiful, Functional Sites
Hostgator is one of the best webhosts to create attractive and functional sites that easily bring in numerous traffic every day. Their interface is very intuitive, requiring less time to learn than most platforms. The host also offers Weebly site-building software, which you can use to get a site up and running in minutes even if you’ve never used a webhost in the past. Hostgator webhosting plans are some of the best in terms of setting up beautiful sites that work really well and keep users coming back over and over.

Fast, Reliable Customer Service

Another perk of Hostgator is its excellent customer service. Whether you wish to contact the company by phone or by email, they’ll get back to you within just a few minutes. They’ll help you troubleshoot whatever problem you’re having until you’ve solved it for good, and they won’t give up. Customer service receives is definitely one of their best selling points, and never fails to deliver.

Detailed Error Log Reporting

Hostgator allows you to see Error logs in Cpanel, their basic control panel for each site. So if your site is underoing sluggish load times or just seems to be getting a lot of error messages, viewing the error log in Cpanel is a great way to get a feel for what you need to change.

Which Plan is Best for You

The hatchling plan is great for running just one site, while the baby plan is good if you plan to have multiple sites and subdomains, running at just $7.95 per month — really a steal for all the features offered in Cpanel. You can also add and remove features as you’d like using Hostgator’s customer support. Hostgator supports WordPress, MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, and Python, among numerous other platforms. Their easy to use FTP server interface makes it very simple to upload and download content from your site.

Hostgator Webhosting Plans

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The bottom line: Hostgator receives a full five stars out of five for their excellent customer service, easy to use Cpanel interface, and the ability to quickly add and remove features as you’d like. You can get your site setup in just a few minutes after selecting a plan and purchasing a domain name. This is definitely one of the best webhosts out there.

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