Demio Webinars Review 2016

Demio is the leading provider of excellent webinar software. It contains solid features and has amazing multi-language capabilities which extend to chat and its interface. It’s a great platform for businesses who have offices located in various countries. The software was created by Citrix Online to enable all types of businesses to conduct online conferences in a secure and cost-effective manner. Demio provides a user-friendly platform with their comprehensive webinar services. It is also equipped with helpful tutorials which enable users to present web-based seminars conveniently. It requires specific downloads for presenters and participants to be able to enjoy its features. Today, let’s discuss the best Demio features which will explain how it effectively improves communication in businesses.



All GoToMeetings were made to have various language options such as English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian and French. Users have the ability to set a default language or they could change it each time they hold a meeting. It is important to highlight that it differs from other webinar software since it doesn’t provide a translation tool for each individual person. Instead, the translation tool is used for the webinar as a whole. Once the selected language has been changed, it automatically changes chat and control options. This saves a lot of time for the users. Another great feature of Demio is its ability to integrate with Outlook. The application can distribute invitations. If you select Demio’s application you will have the ability to invite people as presenters. As soon as they log in, they will automatically be given presenter roles. The webinar service can also be integrated with Twitter and Facebook. This means that you can directly promote your conferences using these social media platforms. You may also add participants while the seminar is ongoing by sharing the meeting’s distinct URL.


Its interface is different from all other webinar services available in the market. As opposed to the usual full-screen webinar consoles, Demio favors a free-floating control panel on the screen. It allows users to move webinar boxes according to their preference. It lets its users arrange different windows which allow them to view other active applications. It also has a built-in webcam sharing feature which aims to improve communication between you and your colleagues. Additionally, users can also upload videos directly onto Demio so that other members could easily access it. Another great benefit it has is real-time screen sharing. It comes with annotation features which allow users to encircle, highlight and even emphasize specific terms within the presentation. If you feel the need to transfer control to another participant, it will allow you to do so. It is very convenient for guests to make comments and ask questions by using the chat window and status update features. The software assigns specific colors to each participant to make it easier to determine who you’re talking to. At a glance, users will be able to check messages personally directed to them or as a presenter.

Rating: 5/5

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