Bitcoin Trading Bots Reviews

Bitcoin Trading Bots Reviews – information and features analysis of the best bitcoin trading bots 2017. Find out what bitcoin trading bots are recommended and which are not.

Bitcoin Trading Bot

Recent changes in technology have spawned a new industry in Bitcoin Trading, which is the use of BTC Robots and Arbitrage System. There is always a desire among traders in beating the system and make money instantly.

When BTC first emerged as a digital currency, the way to make money with it is through the arbitrage system or the difference in prices offered by the different exchanges. Since BTC is unregulated, these price differences between exchanges can be really huge. The early system relied on these price differences to make money.

More recently, there have been new trends in BTC trading that promises to print money while you sleep. Though some of these are not worth looking into, some hold promise that are worth checking out. Example are BTC Bots…

BTC Robots

The BTC Robot is the first dedicated robot in Bitcoin trading. It uses an engine that trades the currency based on its readings on market and industry trends. BTC is a growing market. It is relatively new with a small number of exchanges to ensure that huge fluctuations happen during the day, which the robot can advantage of.

The higher the fluctuations in the market, the higher the potential to earn. In times of a highly volatile market, profits can shoot up to 100 percent per month. During the rests of the months, profits can be relatively modest at 10 to 20 percent per month.

The risk in trading is smaller than when you trade in Forex. There is no leverage trading in BTC, meaning that you trade your own money without borrowing from brokers. Hence, the risks involve is small to non-existent, as compared to other financial instruments.

How Does It Work?

First, is you need to download the app from a trusted Bitcoin Trading Exchange Center for you to open an account. Deposit at least $100 so you can start trading;

Second, is you need to install the app in your computer to activate the robot. You can have choices of either installing a simple Windows version or pre-installed VPS version. It is 100 percent human error-free since there is no need for you to set up or configure. It runs on autopilot.

Third, is you withdraw your profits.

Will I Win All The Time If I Use Bitcoin Bots?

That is not possible since the robot can not forecast with certainty all the variables that goes into a trade. There will be losing as well as winning trades. The end goal is to make more net profits per month.

Do I Have To Buy a VPS server or Just Keep My Computer On All The Time?

There are several options available depending on your trading platform. Some will give a Silver plan with Windows-based software that is affordable to most traders. With this option, your computer has to be turned on when you trade. Or you can opt to buy the more expensive Gold Plan, which comes with a pre-installed robot in your web browser-based members’ area. It runs on autopilot and its 100 percent human error-free. This option is safer and more profitable since the robot is pre-installed on the trading platform’s VPS. Hence, it trades 24/7 even if your computer is not turned on.

How Does It Compare with FOREX?

Trading using Bitcoin Bot is more profitable and less risky than Forex. You don’t pay broker’s commission or worry about broker’s spread. Your can trade 24/7 with no bank holidays and you get all the profits around the clock. There is no need to install complicated software that you hardly understand. It is easier to use since you don’t need to watch the stats or the charts all the time.