Hostgator Coupons January 2017

Hostgator Coupons January 2017 – use these coupons to save 75%+ in the upcoming month of January 2017 on any of the leading hostgator webhosting plans.

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One of the toughest challenges of being a website owner is finding a reliable, easy-to-use webhost. Having a bad host can basically ruin your site and prevent you from finding your target audience, so it’s critical to find a good webhost. In this review, we’ll discuss the benefits of Hostgator webhosting plans.

Hostgator Plan Offerings

Hostgator offers their cheapest plan, the shared package, at $3.48 with the coupon code. In addition, Hostgator has launched a WordPress specific plan starting at $5.21 per month. There is also a VPS plan for $19.95 per month and a dedicated plan, for those running a business or numerous server setups that need more power. This plan runs at $105 per month. Hostgator gets bonus points for their shared webhosting packages, which give small or medium business plenty of room to add more subdomains and grow their web audience. The hatchling plan is another good option, offering unlimited disk space and databases, as well as email addresses and third party applications (like CMS and e-commerce). The business plan also offers a few more bells and whistles for those running a service, such as a toll free phone number and private SSL certificate, which increases user trust.

The Ability to Create Beautiful, Functional Sites
Hostgator is one of the best webhosts to create attractive and functional sites that easily bring in numerous traffic every day. Their interface is very intuitive, requiring less time to learn than most platforms. The host also offers Weebly site-building software, which you can use to get a site up and running in minutes even if you’ve never used a webhost in the past. Hostgator webhosting plans are some of the best in terms of setting up beautiful sites that work really well and keep users coming back over and over.

Fast, Reliable Customer Service

Another perk of Hostgator is its excellent customer service. Whether you wish to contact the company by phone or by email, they’ll get back to you within just a few minutes. They’ll help you troubleshoot whatever problem you’re having until you’ve solved it for good, and they won’t give up. Customer service receives is definitely one of their best selling points, and never fails to deliver.

Detailed Error Log Reporting

Hostgator allows you to see Error logs in Cpanel, their basic control panel for each site. So if your site is underoing sluggish load times or just seems to be getting a lot of error messages, viewing the error log in Cpanel is a great way to get a feel for what you need to change.

Which Plan is Best for You

The hatchling plan is great for running just one site, while the baby plan is good if you plan to have multiple sites and subdomains, running at just $7.95 per month — really a steal for all the features offered in Cpanel. You can also add and remove features as you’d like using Hostgator’s customer support. Hostgator supports WordPress, MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, and Python, among numerous other platforms. Their easy to use FTP server interface makes it very simple to upload and download content from your site.

Hostgator Webhosting Plans

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The bottom line: Hostgator receives a full five stars out of five for their excellent customer service, easy to use Cpanel interface, and the ability to quickly add and remove features as you’d like. You can get your site setup in just a few minutes after selecting a plan and purchasing a domain name. This is definitely one of the best webhosts out there.

Best Fast VPNs in 2016

In 2016, there are literally thousands of free and paid VPN services available in the market. VPN technology has evolved at such a fast pace that literally most companies engaged in the technology world has some level of VPN integration in their products. From browser developers to ISPs, there are many avenues you can go when you want a private network. The availability of the service does not equate to quality however. Many VPN providers have frustrating speeds that can affect your experience. This is why it is necessary to analyze some of the top features that the best fast vpns have in 2016. Here is what to look for in the best VPNs in the market.

Fast VPNs


The most important feature for a VPN is speed – although it is not the only feature needed. Many VPN services use different encryption technologies that affect the end user speed. Some companies that use poor encryption have very low speeds that sometimes may not reflect what is advertised. In addition to speed, it is important to know how many devices the network can support, its security features as well as user-friendliness. To this end, secure and user-friendly VPNs should be considered as first priority.


The best way to analyze VPNs is undoubtedly through ratings. Ratings indicate how each product ranks in the market giving you a clear picture of what you can expect from a particular service provider. Ratings also have accompanying reviews from users who have had an experience with the service, thus giving a deeper insight on the specifics of the service. You can access ratings from many platforms on the internet.


One of the best indicators of good technology is its age. Technology changes so fast to an extent that a few years can make a huge difference. When you want a snappy product, always go for the latest technology as it has all the optimizations needed for current use. This rule also applies to VPNs. The best VPN companies always follow the current trends in technology. New technology is also future-proof, which means that you are able to save on costs in the long-run.

Remote access

Accessing the service from anywhere at any time is also a key indicator of a speedy VPN service. This feature is particularly important to corporates that rely on staff that may be spread over a geographical area. Performance is very important when it comes to remote access. A good VPN should not have lengthy setup processes that become a hindrance every time remote access is required. It should be able to authenticate data easily from one central point.

There are many companies in the market that claim to offer the best fast VPNs. No matter how enticing the offers may be, it is best to be informed before making a decision. Information is freely available and using it will not only give you an edge when buying, it will also give you the confidence to explore. Using these key points will give you better chances of making the right decision.


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2. Fast VPNs Reviews – top vpn reviews 2017

WPEngine Affiliate Review 2016

With the passage of time, more and more earning opportunities are being presented online. One such affiliate program that is taking the Internet by storm is the WPEngine Affiliate Program. This is no surprise at all since the said hosting site is already pretty well-known, especially when it comes to specializing in hosting and managing sites made on WordPress. Indeed, the site has been proven to be the best choice for WordPress users, and this fact alone is what’s making their affiliate program very appealing.

WPEngine Affiliates

After all, WordPress is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) content management systems available today. Couple this with the fact that the affiliate program leans more towards a referral system, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that almost anyone can turn this opportunity into a goldmine. Who wouldn’t find commission figures that range from $200 to $249 per payout? Not to mention the fact that the program also supports sub-affiliates that let you earn $50 for every customer that join under your referrals. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though, for below we have outlined why this program is proving to be a game-changer in the field.

Benefits of Participating in the WPEngine Affiliate Program

Commissions are determined by the type of service that your referral selects, so $200 is pretty much the minimum payout that you’ll get if, for instance, he chooses the basic plan. It’s not limited to that, though, for you are also guaranteed to receive a bonus from the person’s first-month payment. Even better is that you would also be granted more bonuses depending on the number of referrals that you are able to get for a specific month (thanks to their incorporation of the ShareASale system). The system makes use of tracking (cookies) software that could credit affiliates for a maximum of 180 days after the user’s initial click on the offer.

Besides the eye-popping, unrivaled commissions you would be earning, you can also be assured that you would always be getting your monthly payment on time. WPEngine is also pretty active when it comes to helping their affiliates in their promotions; high-converting banners and other promotion tools would be liberally at your disposal to grow your campaign. You could also take advantage of holiday offers, promo codes and other seasonal offers that WPEngine makes available throughout the year to easily boost your commissions. This is especially true if you already have a list of potential customers, who are only waiting for the right time to get the said discounts.

One other noticeable benefit of the program is that it is offering something whose demand is only ever expected to rise in the near future: webhosting. And, without a doubt, if it’s to be compared to other products in other affiliate programs, webhosting services are simply more lucrative since you and the people that you are offering them to know that it’s pretty much a very useful service; something that people in this day and age would actually want to buy. This is made all the truer by the outstanding history of service that WP Engine has already had since its founding on 2010.

Rating: 5/5

Homemade Hummingbird Food Recipe

Hummingbirds are little colorful birds with luminous plumage, which most people find attractive. They also flap their wings amazingly fast and produce a humming noise while at it, probably another reason why they are a remarkable sight. That they can move in all directions, right, left, upwards, downwards, upside down and, even backwards is a bonus, a very sweet bonus. The diet of these little birds consists primarily of flower nectar, pollen, tree sap and insects. If you choose to hang hummingbird feeders to attract their activity, then here is one hummingbird food recipe you should try.

Hummingbird Food

Homemade hummingbird nectar recipe

To make this hummingbird food formula, you need four parts water and one part sugar. However, you are free to vary these, as you so desire, though the variance need not skid far off this benchmark.

Start by boiling the water then keenly add the measured portion of granulated sugar. Stir this mixture thoroughly until the sugar dissolves completely. Boil the resultant mixture for an additional two minutes. Boiling the nectar is important as it helps prevent the formula from going bad rapidly. It is advisable that you bring the nectar to cool to room temperature before serving in clean hummingbird feeders.

The hummingbird food recipe described above essentially is water-sugar mixture, which can ferment a lot faster especially if exposed to a lot of heat and sun. Exposure to extreme heat may just as well precipitate growth of both mold and bacteria. For this reason, you need to change the nectar every three to five days and, a lot often during summer.

While the above recipe produces nectar that almost replicates what nature provides, it may be appropriate only during spring and summer. Initially when attracting hummingbirds to your backyard, you may need to make the nectar a little more concentrated. The appropriate ratio in such instances is three portions of water to one portion of sugar. You can then revert to the usual ratios soon after the birds have settled.

Great pointers to help you make the most of homemade nectar

Hummingbirds are delicate birds. Feeding them as such requires an equal measure of intricate care. These pointers should help you ensure that feeding them is a productive and enjoyable activity.

Use bigger measuring containers to make large batches of nectar – Firstly, hummingbirds are surprisingly prolific in their feeding and, their small size should not deceive you. Their horrendous appetite is because they need to provide for their fast breathing rate and even faster heartbeat. Their small size too does increase surface area to volume ratio tribulations. Hummingbirds as such, need a lot more energy to keep their internal body temperatures stable. If you want to keep these beautiful birds in your backyard a little longer, you must make enough nectar.

Recommended Hummingbird Feeder Parts:

Keep honey and artificial sweeteners out of the nectar – Though hummingbirds need a lot of energy, remember that they are excessively delicate and, react unfavorably to some of the obvious ingredients. Honey for instance, may lead to tongue infections in hummingbirds. Some of these infections may be fatal and, may mar or subdue the color that you expect hummingbirds bring to your backyard. Artificial sweeteners on the other hand, add no nutritional value to the nectar and as such, should not feature in the homemade hummingbird food.

Food coloring and red dyes are unnecessary – A lot many people in a bid to attract hummingbirds, often add food colors or dyes to the nectar they intend to feed the birds. This is unnecessary. Instead, consider planting hibiscus, purple coneflower, hollyhock, fuchsias, roses and, clematis in your backyard as these will suffice.

You can store homemade nectar – The feeding demands of hummingbirds are great, which is the only reason why you need to make a lot of it. Note however, that you can store this nectar for up to two weeks so you need not worry about how to handle excess food you cannot immediately use. The most effective way of storing the nectar is freezing it in ice cube trays, which you can then bring to room temperatures any time you are ready to use it.

Hummingbirds are enchanting and their buzzing act, captivating. If you want to enjoy the dazzling lives of these little birds, then this hummingbird food recipe and the accompanying tips should set you well on your way.

Glass Hummingbird Feeders for Sale

WPEngine Coupons 2016

WPEngine Coupons 2016 – the top WPEngine Coupon Codes of the year. Save up to $100 on hosting with these WPEngine Coupons for 2016.

WP Engine is one of the top rated webhosting providers for WordPress sites. They rate a whopping 5/5 stars based on the services and features that they offer. Some of the main features include;

WPEngine Coupon


Records show that WP Engine provides more than 800 hours of professional support within a day, for 7 days a week. This goes a long way in giving confidence and comfort to customers, knowing that you can access help on any issue related to your site at any time of the day.


WP Engine keeps adding new features that redefine the boundaries set by WordPress technology. You can always expect more from them, to make your experience awesome.


WP Engine uses the latest technology that there is in the current market. It has an amazing architecture with systems that are highly redundant in order to ensure that your WordPress site is secure, scalable and fast. This will help you to thrive when hit with high traffic demands, markets that change frequently and conditions that cannot be foreseen.

WP Engine offers 5 different plans that you can choose from depending on your needs and requirements. These plans are;
Personal: this is suitable for anyone looking to run a single site. It offers only one install and more than 25,000 visits per month. Data transfer is unlimited and supports up to 10 GB of local storage. The plan comes at a cost of $29 per month.

Professional: this is more suitable for managing a number of small sites or a single site that has high and steady traffic. You get up to 10 installs with this plan and 100,000 visits per month. The local storage size allocated for this plan is 20 GB with unlimited data transfer. It costs $99 per month.

Business: this plan offers higher install limits and traffic, giving you access to GeoIP and other cutting edge technology. You get up to 25 installations, 400,000 visitors per month, unlimited dada transfer and local storage of 30 GB. This package is priced at $249 per month.

Premium: suitable for large businesses and brands that are growing. You get up to 150 installs, 1 million + visits per month, no limit to data transfer and local storage of 100-300 GB.
Enterprise Grade: this clustered solutions have multiple servers with cutting-edge technology employed for load balancing to offer ultimate reliability, security and scalability. It offers 150 installs, 400GB-1TB, over 5 million visits per month and unlimited data transfer.

Advantages of WP Engine
· You get very competitive prices in relation to the high quality services that they offer.
· User friendliness: the interface is quite impressive and easy to use, with additional tutorial material offered at no extra cost.
· You can access 24/7 customer support service.
· You won’t have to install and/or update WordPress. WP Engine does all these tedious tasks for you
· They perform security scans of your site on a regular basis, ensuring that it remains online and secure.
· Backups are taken on a daily basis and availed to you whenever you need them
· They have a caching system that greatly improves the speed of your website.

WP Engine are by far the best in the industry and are worth a try, that is, if you aren’t enjoying their services already.

Hostgator 1 Cent Coupons 2016

Hostgator 1 Cent Coupons 2016 – the latest 1 cent coupon codes for 2016. Save big with this hostgator coupon 2016.

Easily recognized by their yellow and blue alligator mascot, Hostgator is probably one of the first few names that come to mind when thinking ‘webhosting company’. Apart from being the most recognized webhosting companies in the world, Hostgator is also one of the most respected in terms of service, reliability, value-for-money packages, and performance. Today the company hosts well over 8 million domains worldwide and caters to anyone from independent bloggers to multinational corporations. To no one’s surprise, Hostgator does have all the bells and whistles a webhosting giant should have. Right from a tech support team that never sleeps to dedicated hosting packages it outguns its competitors in the features department. However, apart from the usual features, Hostgator does bring some unique elements into the webhosting game such as Green Hosting and free toll-free numbers for business clients. We take an in-depth look at Hostgator and find out if it really is the perfect webhosting partner for you.


Hostgator 1 Cent Coupons


99.9% Uptime Guarantee: When it comes to reliability, Hostgator is undoubtedly one of the best webhosting companies in the industry. Currently, the company guarantees an uptime of 99.9% uptime every month. This means if the uptime percentage somehow trickles below that figure, Hostgator will credit the hosting fees for that month back to your account. However, there is very little chance of that happening because Hostgator has employed some of the best network monitoring systems and security measures money can buy.

24X7 Tech Support: As mentioned before Hostgator has a tech support team that never sleeps. This means if you want to call them at 2 AM on Christmas morning, there will someone there to pick up the call and register your complaint. Customers can contact Hostgator using 4 main mediums email ticketing system, live chat, community forum, and phone.

Versatile Webhosting Plans: From $7 per month standard plan for small websites to $374 per month dedicated plan, Hostgator webhosting plans are geared to serve almost all customers. It’s also a great advantage that you can choose to upgrade your plan to match the growth of your business.

45-Day Money Back Guarantee: Hostgator gives a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee to all new customers. This guarantee allows customers to request a full refund if they are unsatisfied with the service within the first 45 days.

Green Webhosting: In an effort to promote green energy, Hostgator has heavily invested in wind-powered generators. The wind power does not power the data centers directly due to geographical reasons. However, the company buys 130% of their total energy consumption in the form of Renewable Energy Credits or REC.

QuickInstall: This is a powerful script library software that’s bundled in the packages. Just as the name suggests, QuickInstall allows customers to install essential applications at a single click of the button.

cPanel Integration: cPanel is globally known for being the best website management and customization software. Normally people who want to use cPanel have to pay a monthly or a yearly charge as subscription fee. Hostgator allows users to use cPanel for absolutely no extra charge.

Control Panel Demo: For people who have never used cPanel before, Hostgator allows a free demo of the control panel before the sign-up process. This demo is available for anyone to avail and can be accessed free right from the Hostgator website.

Unlimited Email Accounts And Sub Domains: By giving customers unlimited sub domains and emails even in the most basic plans, Hostgator allows small websites and businesses to stretch their wings without the constant need to upgrade.


When it comes to judging any product or service, the word on the streets is the most important and the most reliable bit of information. This is exactly why we checked out independent Hostgator reviews on local listing websites and blogs. Hostgator gets great customer reviews on almost all parameters from performance and uptime percentage to customer service quality. A lot of Hostgator customers have reported back saying that they love how easy it is to customize, build, and manage their website using the cPanel control panel. Overall, the webhosting company gets great reviews in almost all departments.


Hostgator is not one of those companies that claim big things and later fail to deliver on their promises. If you want the absolute best in terms of features, service, and reliability then Hostgator stands in the top of the hill as the clear winner. We give it a perfect 5-Star rating as it performs strongly in all departments. Combined with the money back guarantee on service as well as uptime percentage, Hostgator is one of the only few companies you can trust in the volatile webhosting market.

Hostgator Webhosting

HostGator is an online web-hosting company based out of Houston, Texas. Started in 2002, quickly rose in prominence and service. By 2008, they were ranked 21st in the United States and 1st in Houston by Inc Magazine. That same year, Brent Oxley, the founder of announced that they would no longer have a limited hosting service. That is the same year became serious national web hosting competitor. You can take advantage of hostgator webhosting for a discounted rate using this hostgator coupon.


Hostgator Features include a vast array of services: web hosting, optimized word press, reseller, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and domain locations.

The cheapest web hosting plan comes at a cool $3.95 per month for a 3 year contract. This includes a single domain, shared SSL certificate and unlimited disk space and bandwidth. This guarantees the necessary amount of space the bandwidth to allow for a plethora of traffic to and fro the site. The more expensive plans, at $6.36 and $10.36 per month, provide additional features including unlimited domains, free private SSL and IP as well as a free toll free number. All plans come with CubeCart, ZenCart, and osCommerce tools to boost online sales.

They also provide a professional Word Press hosting service that boasts of its easy to use features, its security, customer service that is available at any moment, weekends and holidays included. The manage hosting plan increases the traffic speed by 150%. The database backup space varies from 5-20 GB, while the free migration of websites varies from 1 to 20, depending on the package. The business package has WP Beginner walkthrough, while the Pro includes the Developer Help option, additionally. The price varies as well from the Blog price of $12.95 per month, whereas the business and pro have a price of $29.95 and $89.95, respectively. offers reseller hosting with 50-200 GB of disk space, 500-1400 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains, for $19.96-79.96 per month for the first term (and current 20% off promotional) and $24.95-99.95 per month after that, depending on the package. The packages include aluminum, copper, silver, gold, and diamond, with aluminum being the cheapest and diamond being the most expensive.

The VPS hosting varies from 0.5-4 core CPU, 8 RAM, 25-240 GB Disk Space, 500 GB- 3 TB bandwidth, and 2 IP addresses. They offer 5 packages: Snappy 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, and 8000, varying in price from $11.97-99.97 per month for the first term and $19.95-159.95 per month after that.

The servers also vary. They offer Four servers for both Windows and Linux: Basic, Standard, Elite, and Pro Dedicated Servers, with Dual core 2.3 Ghz, Quad Core 2.5Ghz, Quad Core 2.5Ghz, and Quad Core 3.3 GHz respectively. They vary from 100 Mbps- 1 Gbps, 4-16 GB RAM, 500-1000 GB Raid-1 drives, 10-25 TB bandwidth, and ranging from 2-5 IPs depending on the package. The price varies as well: from the promotional rates of $105-225 per month for the first term and $174-374 after that.

Webdomain costs vary from $5.95-39.95 for the one year and $17.85-119.85 for three years depending on the extension for the domain.


With the variety of Hostgator features, they can meet the needs for any individual or business. They offer superb prices for web hosting, optimized wp, resellers, vps and dedicated domains. With superb customer service and everyday availability, make your next place for your webhosting needs.



5 Simple Hummingbird Gift Ideas

Hummingbirds are one of nature’s most beautiful creatures. Being one of the smallest birds in existence, they flit from flower to flower, dining on the nectar contained within. They are delightful to watch as they have the ability to fly forwards or backwards, and they generally appear quite energetic.

If you are considering a hummingbird themed gift for a friend or loved one, it is important to consider the various symbolic meanings of the hummingbird. They can represent a number of things, including;

  • A rich happiness in life
  • An independent nature
  • Playfulness and joyous activity
  • The ability to respond swiftly
  • Adaption to your surroundings

Before purchasing a hummingbird gift for someone, consider whether or not they exhibit those traits. If you know they have an affinity for hummingbirds, it is quite likely they possess some of those traits. Bird lovers, particularly bird watchers, are known to be quite patient and adaptable, as bird watching itself can be a fun adventure that requires patience, especially if you are looking for a specific bird species.

There are numerous hummingbird gift ideas that would make the perfect, ideal gifts for any hummingbird lover. It is important to note that you should not consider purchasing an actual live hummingbird as a pet for your gift recipient, as that would be illegal. Hummingbirds are migratory birds that are protected under United States federal regulations, and they may not be held captive in any way. The fine for possession of captive hummingbirds can be quite high, reaching up to $200,000.

If you know the person loves hummingbirds and would like one as a pet, you should inform them to consider researching the ways to obtain a permit for rehabilitating injured birds that are protected under federal regulation. The birds will need to be released back into the wild once they are healthy again, but your hummingbird lover may enjoy temporarily caring for and nursing them back to health.

Even without the ability to purchase live hummingbirds, there are still plenty of hummingbird inspired gift ideas for you to consider. If you intend on purchasing such a gift for someone, check out some of these gift ideas listed below.

A hummingbird feeder

If the recipient of your hummingbird gift enjoys gardening, consider purchasing them a hummingbird feeder to place in their yard. These can be quite simple in design, but they have been known to attract groups of hummingbirds simultaneously. No feed is required for a hummingbird feeder, it only needs to be filled with sugar water, which can easily be made in the kitchen. Hummingbirds are naturally attracted to the color red, so when shopping for a hummingbird feeder, make sure you purchase one in this color to increase its bird attracting potential.

A DVD of Hummingbirds

There are numerous nature and bird documentaries available on DVD that focus on or feature hummingbirds. Consider purchasing one or several for your intended gift recipient, so they can appreciate the wondrous beauty of hummingbirds in their livingroom.

Hummingbird Jewelry

There is an enormous variety of hummingbird inspired jewelry to browse, from necklace pendants to rings, bracelets, and earrings. If you take into consideration their jewelry taste, you’re sure to find something they would appreciate.

Bird Watching Camera Binoculars

Binoculars for bird watching vary quite a bit. Typically, binoculars for bird watching require a lower magnification than long-range military binoculars, for example. A zoom capability of 7x to 8x is generally good enough for bird watching. However, you should consider purchasing binoculars with a built-in digital camera, so the person can snap pictures of hummingbirds as they view them.

A Book on Hummingbirds

With over 300 species of hummingbirds worldwide, there is no shortage of documentation available on these lovely little birds. Consider purchasing a book for your hummingbird lover, especially if it is packed full of colorful photographs.

A Calendar that Features Hummingbirds

There are plenty of hummingbird themed calendars to choose from, but you should consider one that has hummingbird facts along with the pictures.

If you need further hummingbird gift ideas, I recommend the website as a fantastic resource for finding hummingbird gift items. They are the #1 resource of hummingbird themed gift items, and they also have a large amount of articles and videos on the subject.